Software CAD 3D parametric for planning and developing of parts and assemblies of metal sheet.

The i3D cad solution allows the design of solids and sheet metal parts in an extremely flexible and fast way. Traditional 2D design commands are integrated into a single environment with innovative 3D design features. A suite of commands dedicated to sheet metal solid modeling offers the possibility of applying specific processes bent or developed parts. Individual details can be modeled with the new interactive modeling ,that allows you to edit solids created with other CAD software and imported into the most common 3D formats (step, iges). Assembly creation is performed in the same solid modeling environment and can be done in the bottom-up or top-down ways depending on the drawing methods.
Each object drawn can be parameterized with dimension and processing variables, it is also possible to define relations between the dimensions in order to be able to control them with a minimum number of detectable differences. Once parameterized, each entity (single solid or assembly) can be modified using a spreadsheet.