Software CAD/CAM and nesting for sheet working with laser, plasma, oxygen, water-jet, punching machine and combo machine.

CAMlab is a CAD/CAM software for every cutting technology, such as: laser, punching, plasma, Oxy cutting, and water-jet. CAMlab has special modules for the solution of specific problems such as: the development of parametric shapes for air treatment, the ability to obtain a vector graphic starting from an artistic paint or drawing, inlay managing, cutting from a coil, single parts loading and unloading, interaction with FMS and handling robots as well as many others custom oriented solutions. CAMlab keeps its main feature of providing a single operating environment with all its functions always available. Nevertheless, the system can be set up in modular way so as to allow users to fit it with the tools they require for their production.
Recently updated to full compatibility with Windows 10 and it has been entirely programmed with object-oriented technologies and developed with C++ and C# language. CAMlab can be easily customized and thanks to its scalability the user can get immediate benefits thus improving efficiency and productivity. All the technology and nesting operations can be performed automatically or interactively. The user can intervene at any moment to modify some of the decisions taken by the System, without affecting any other decision. It is never necessary to fully redefine the current machining. The CAMlab constant evolution guarantees its users the best performance. CAMlab scalability offers the product the opportunity to grow gradually according to the increasing requirements of your job. Each module includes special functions and allows to perform operations in one system, which were previously carried out in multiple steps.
All staff involved in the setting up of the machine tool will find CAMLAb a dependable, efficient and safe partner resulting in shorter set-up time and improvement of results.