AutoPOL 2019

New version of AutoPOL will be presented at Lamiera 2019.


New version of AutoPOL will be presented at Lamiera 2019.
At the exhibition a new version of the product will be presented, renewed in many functions

The software product for the complete automation of bending process The software product for the complete automation of bending process
parametric solid modeling parametric solid modeling
Everything that is drawn is completely parametric and it is possible to change its dimensions simply by selecting the quotes. You can save the most used profiles in custom libraries to be able to use them quickly without having to redraw them each time.
Saving views in DXF Saving views in DXF
The development view is exported in DXF format - with the possibility to choose whether to show the bending data, the bending lines, the texts - usable therefore by the CAM cutting and or punching programs. The 3D models, whether they are made with the integrated modeler or imported from other CAD software, both as solids and surfaces, are developed by generating flat parts in a simple and effective way, using all the information necessary for a correct calculation of sheet recede
Import-Export Import-Export
It is possible to import solid models from the most common formats (STEP, IGES, SAT) and develop them automatically. You can import DXF files with the development view, and transform this two-dimensional view into a solid, simply by identifying the contour lines and bending lines.
Bending sequence Bending sequence
The optimal bending sequence is calculated automatically, as is the tooling to be used depending on the tool depot and the available sections . In any case, the user has the possibility to set in at any time to change the type of tool, the position of the fingers, position of piece or tool, bending sequence and any other parameter related to each bend. The system is able to perform an accurate bending simulation and verify
NC and PDF NC and PDF
The machine tool set-up and the optimal sequence with all the bending phases are saved in a PDF production document that can be made available to the operator, the compatible NC file is generated for the most common numerical controls (including: Esa , Delem, Cybelec and others) with the possibility of 3D representation of the bending sequence directly on the CNC itself.
Machine tool setup and configuration Machine tool setup and configuration
The configuration of the tools allows to have the correspondence between the depot and the tools that are physically available; it is also possible to import and add to the depot the drawings of the tools with customized shapes and dimensions. It is however always possible to import the drawings of the tools by downloading the tool dxf directly from the manufacturers' catalogs.